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Adam, Oman

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Country  Oman
Local time  Thursday 9:13 AM
Subdivision  Ad Dakhiliyah Region
Number of airports  1
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Weather  22°C, Wind SE at 6 km/h, 54% Humidity

Adam (Arabic: أدم, not the same as Adam - the prophet آدم‎‎) is a town in the region Ad Dakhiliyah, in northeastern Oman.


Map of Adam, Oman


The history of the Wilayat of Adam dates back to pre-Islamic times. Adam has several meanings in Arabic but most likely means the fertile land. The most notable places are Harrat Al Ain, Harrat al Bousaid, Harrat Al Hawashim, and Harrat Bani Shiban, where several archeological sites have been found, and Harr Al Jamii, which is more recent. The town is 295 km from Muscat on the salalh road, at the southernmost end of Dakhiliya's border with Sharqiya region. It is the last green oasis before the desert. Here you can see ancient forts, citadels and towers, mosques and deserted traditional souqs. Adam I the neighboured by Manah and Bahla to the north, Mahout and Haima in the Al Wusta region to the south, Wilayat Ibri of the Dhahirah region to the southwest and Wilayat at Mudhaibi of the Sharqiya region to the east. Its population numbers 13,000 in 60 villages.


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