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Ad Verbum (video game)

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Release date(s)  October 4, 2000
Initial release date  4 October 2000
Designer  Nick Montfort
Mode(s)  Single Player
Developer  Nick Montfort
Genre  Interactive fiction
Ad Verbum (video game) nickmcomimagesadverbumpng
Platforms  Microsoft Windows, Web browser, Z-machine, Macintosh operating systems, DOS
Awards  XYZZY Award for Best Puzzles
Similar  Galatea, Spider and Web, A Mind Forever Voyaging, Photopia, Anchorhead

Ad Verbum is an interactive fiction game released for Windows and Macintosh operating systems in 2000.



The story of the game is that the city has secured an eviction notice, but the demolition contractor is contractually obligated to conduct an inventory of the Wizard of Wordplay's manor before knocking it down. However, strange things occur that keep the contractor from doing his job.


The gameplay requires knowledge of the English language and wordplay. For example, in certain locations the player is only permitted to use commands that begin with a specific letter. For example, in the room "neat nursery", every word in the description starts with 'N', and the game only accepts input starting with 'N'. Of course, the only exit is to the south...


  • Winner of the 2000 XYZZY Award for Best Puzzles.
  • 4th in the Sixth Annual Interactive Fiction Competition
  • First place in the 'Miss Congeniality' contest, --favorite game of competition game authors themselves at the Interactive Fiction Competition
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