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Action of 18 October 1782

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Start date  October 18, 1782
Location  Hispaniola
Result  British victory
Action of 18 October 1782
15 killed 46 wounded 550 prisoners 1 ship-of-the-line sunk  11 killed 75 wounded 1 ship-of-the-line severely damaged
Combatants  Kingdom of Great Britain, Early modern France
Similar  Battle of the Mona Passage, Invasion of Tobago, Battle of Martinique, Capture of St Lucia, Siege of Pondicherry

The Action of 18 October 1782 was a minor naval engagement of the Anglo-French War, in which the French 74-gun ship of the line Scipion, accompanied by a frigate, was chased by two Royal Navy ships of the line, HMS London and Torbay. Outmanoeuvring her larger opponents, Scipion obtained a favourable position that allowed her to rake HMS London, causing severe damage and escaping.

The British resumed the chase, and Scipion struck a rock in Samaná Bay, becoming a total loss.


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