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Action Man: X Missions – The Movie

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Produced by  Brain McNulty
Release date  2005
Directors  Dale Carman, Keith Lango
Cast  Oliver Milburn
Starring  Oliver Milburn
Initial release  2005
Film series  Action Man
Action Man: X Missions – The Movie httpsiytimgcomvijLZzuwrYMrUmaxresdefaultjpg

Directed by  Dale Carman Keith Lango
Written by  Judith Reeves-Stevens, Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Production company  Reel FX Creative Studios Hasbro
Distributed by  Paramount Home Media Distribution
Production companies  Hasbro, Reel FX Creative Studios, Paramount Pictures
Similar  Action Man: Robot Atak, The Secret Weapon, Adhinayakudu, Charlie, James May's Top Toys

Action Man: X-Missions - The Movie (also simply known as Action Man: X-Missions) is a 2005 direct-to-video CGI film distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment and based on the Hasbro toy line; Action Man. It is the sequel to the 2004 film Action Man: Robot Atak. The film was directed by Dale Carman and Keith Lango.



Action Man: X Missions – The Movie Cartula Caratula de Action Man X Missions The Movie CARATULASCOM

  • Oliver Milburn as Action Man
  • Jonas Stuart as Flint
  • Brian Drummond as Red Wolf
  • Steven Berkoff as Dr. X
  • Sam Vincent as No-Face, Security Guard, 2nd Commando
  • Scott McNeil as Gangrene, X-Robot, 1st Commando
  • Tabitha St. Germain as Rebel
  • Gerard Plunkett as Mr. W
  • Ron Halder as Sir Arthur Strong
  • Brian Dobson as Tyrannotox, Unit Absolute Zero
  • Lee Tockar as X-Robot, News Announcer
  • Ashleigh Ball as Operator Voice
  • Development

    Action Man: X Missions – The Movie Action Man X Missions Trke Dublaj YouTube

    Dale Carman had previously directed the 2004 film GI Joe: Valor vs. Venom which had a similar plot to Action Man: X-Missions. Many CGI character models from Valor vs. Venom were re-used in X-Missions but for entirely different characters.


    Action Man: X Missions – The Movie Action Man X Missions Le Film 2005 Fr 2eme Film YouTube

    The film was released direct to DVD and VHS and was sold commercially unlike its predecessor which was given away free with Action Man Comics and News of the World. Woolworths stores gave away free stickers with the purchase of the DVD. The film was rated PG.


    A third film titled Action Man: The Gangrene Code was released direct to DVD in 2006 along with a new wave of toys, but only in Mexico (where Action Man was hugely popular). Therefore, the film is only available in Spanish.


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