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Action Man: Search for Base X

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Initial release date  6 February 2001
Publisher  THQ
Mode  Single-player video game
8.4/10 GameSpot

Developer  Natsume
Genre  Action game
Platform  Game Boy
Action Man: Search for Base X TAS GBC Action Man Search for Base X by Mothrayas in 230854
Release date(s)  NA: February 6, 2001 EU: March 9, 2001
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tas gbc action man search for base x by mothrayas in 23 08 54

Action Man: Search for Base X is an action video game developed by Natsume and published by THQ for the Game Boy Color. It was released in North America on February 6, 2001, and is based on the Action Man TV series.


Action Man: Search for Base X Action Man Search for Base X OST T01 Title Screen YouTube

Action man search for base x ost t01 title screen


Action Man: Search for Base X Super Adventures in Gaming Action Man Search for Base X GBC

The game's plot centers around the protagonist Alex "Action" Mann, and his mission to stop the evil Dr. X from releasing a weapon of mass destruction. Action Man must find Dr. X's base by playing through levels in various locales. The player is given a variety of suits for Action Man to wear in different situations, including a parka, a wet suit, and a space suit. Each level can be completed multiple times in order to achieve different goals; the correct suit and items are not required on the first completion of a level, but later attempts require specific suits and items to bypass obstacles. By wearing different suits and using specified items, alternate paths in levels can be discovered.

Action Man: Search for Base X httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaendd5Act

The gameplay is similar to other 16-bit era action video games. The game contains fifteen missions for the player to complete spread through six main areas. The player is allowed to choose two weapons to bring into battle with them, such as a crossbow and a pistol. The game allows the player to jump, run, swim, and climb through various areas of the game, allowing for a more varied experience.


Action Man: Search for Base X Action Man Search for base X Not so Classic Games YouTube

THQ gained the Hasbro license to develop Action Man: Search For Base X in 2000. IGN's Craig Harris expressed confusion over the point of the television series, but expressed optimism at the game's premise.

Action Man: Search for Base X Action Man Search for Base X ROM Download for Gameboy Color GBC

Action Man: Search for Base X received above average reviews from critics, who felt that the game was difficult but fun nonetheless; the game has received a compilation score of 68.22% from GameRankings. GameSpot's Frank Provo praised the game's color palette and sound design, but noted the game was a bit too difficult. He was surprised that the game was even developed so late in the Game Boy Color's life cycle. IGN's Marc Nix criticized the game for being unfairly difficult, and compared it negatively to the Mega Man video game series. He blamed bad in-game controls for the difficulty of the game.


Action Man: Search for Base X Wikipedia

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