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Domain  Bacteria
Subclass  Actinobacteridae
Higher classification  Actinobacteridae
Phylum  Actinobacteria
Scientific name  Actinomycetales
Rank  Order

Lower classifications  Streptomyces, Mycobacterium, Actinomyces, Frankia, Amycolatopsis

The Actinomycetales are an order of Actinobacteria. A member of the order is often called an actinomycete. The actinomycetes are very diverse and contain a variety of subdivisions, as well as yet-unclassified isolates, mainly because some genera are very difficult to classify because of a highly niche-dependent phenotype. For example, Nocardia contains several phenotypes first believed to be distinct species before their differences were shown to be entirely dependent on their growth conditions.

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Difficulty of classification

Actinomycetales Actinomycetales

Actinomycetales are Gram-positive, but several species have complex cell wall structures that make the Gram staining unsuitable (e.g. Mycobacteriaceae).

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Actinomycetales Antibiotic Actinomycetales

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