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Acrodysostosis also known as Arkless-Graham syndrome or Maroteaux-Malamut syndrome is a rare congenital malformation syndrome which involves shortening of the interphalangeal joints of the hands and feet, intellectual disability in approximately 90% of affected children, and peculiar facies. Other common abnormalities include short head (as measured front to back), small broad upturned nose with flat nasal bridge, protruding jaw, increased bone age, intrauterine growth retardation, juvenile arthritis and short stature. Further abnormalities of the skin, genitals, teeth, and skeleton may occur.

Most reported cases have been sporadic, but it has been suggested that the condition might be genetically related i.e. in an autosomal dominant mode of transmission. Both males and females are affected. The disorder has been associated with the older age of parents at the time of conception.

A PRKAR1A mutation has been identified in acrodysostosis with hormone resistance.


This disorder is present at birth, however, it may not be understood until several years after birth. Acrodysostosis affects males and females in almost similar numbers. It is difficult to determine the frequency of acrodysostosis in the population as many cases of this disorder cannot be diagnosed properly.


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