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Acourtia microcephala

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Kingdom  Plantae
Genus  Acourtia
Higher classification  Acourtia
Order  Asterales
Scientific name  Acourtia microcephala
Rank  Species
Acourtia microcephala httpsc1staticflickrcom4385914489888101993
Similar  Daisy family, Acourtia, Malacothrix saxatilis, Chaenactis glabriuscula, Erigeron foliosus

Acourtia microcephala is a species of flowering plant in the daisy family known by the common name sacapellote. It is native to southern California and Baja California, where it grows in woodland and chaparral, especially in the coastal mountain ranges.

Acourtia microcephala Wildflowers NPS SAMO NRA Acourtia microcephala detail page

Acourtia microcephala is a bushy perennial herb producing several erect stems from a woody caudex up to about 1.5 meters in maximum height. The stems branch toward the ends and are densely foliated in toothed, wavy-edged, glandular leaves 2 to 15 centimeters long. The stems and leaves are sticky with exudate. The inflorescences contain clusters of many flower heads, each cylindrical head wrapped in long, flat glandular phyllaries. The flower heads are discoid, containing only disc florets and no ray florets. Each disc floret has two lips, the outer of which is long, flat, and usually bright pink, and easily mistaken for a ligule. The fruit is a glandular achene a few millimeters long which has a pappus of bristles up to a centimeter in length.

Acourtia microcephala Acourtia Microcephala

This plant had a traditional medicinal use as a laxative.

Acourtia microcephala Acourtia Microcephala
Acourtia microcephala Acourtia microcephala Wikipedia
Acourtia microcephala Sacapellote Perezia Acourtia microcephala
Acourtia microcephala Acourtia microcephala Wildflowers in Santa Barbara


Acourtia microcephala Wikipedia

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