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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Fabaceae
Tribe  Loteae
Order  Fabales
Subfamily  Faboideae
Rank  Genus
Acmispon Acmispon glaber Fabaceae image 49089 at PhytoImagessiuedu
Lower classifications  Acmispon glaber, Acmispon americanus

Acmispon pronounciation

Acmispon is a genus that includes several species of American bird's-foot trefoils and deervetches formerly contained in the globally distributed genus Lotus.


Acmispon FileAcmispon americanus NPS1jpg Wikimedia Commons

How to pronounce acmispon

Selected species

Acmispon httpssbwildflowersfileswordpresscom201110
  • Acmispon americanus
  • Acmispon argophyllus
  • Acmispon argyraeus
  • Acmispon brachycarpus
  • Acmispon cytisoides
  • Acmispon dendroideus
  • Acmispon denticulatus
  • Acmispon glaber
  • Acmispon grandiflorus
  • Acmispon haydonii
  • Acmispon heermannii
  • Acmispon junceus
  • Acmispon maritimus
  • Acmispon micranthus
  • Acmispon nevadensis
  • Acmispon parviflorus
  • Acmispon procumbens
  • Acmispon prostratus
  • Acmispon rigidus
  • Acmispon rubriflorus
  • Acmispon strigosus
  • Acmispon subpinnatus
  • Acmispon wrangelianus

  • Acmispon Acmispon Wikipedia
    Acmispon California Lotus Acmispon wrangelianus
    Acmispon common deerweed Acmispon glaber iNaturalistorg
    Acmispon Common Deerweed California broom Acmispon glaber


    Acmispon Wikipedia

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