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Acianthella sublesta

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Orchidaceae
Rank  Species
Order  Asparagales
Scientific name  Acianthella sublesta
Acianthella sublesta
Genus  Acianthella D.L.Jones & M.A.Clem.
Similar  Acianthella, Acianthus fornicatus, Acianthus

Acianthella sublesta is a member of the Acianthella ("Elf Orchids"), which is a small genus of tropical ground orchids previously included in Acianthus but distinguished "by tiny green flowers on long thin ovaries, sepals of similar shape and size, lacking apical clubs, narrow petals and no basal glands on the labellum."

It grows from the Atherton Tableland to Eungella in Queensland at altitudes from 700 to 1300 m. in loose soil and litter in rainforest or along embankments and edges of tracks. Very localised. It flowers from March to May. The flowers are green, tiny (3 mm diameter), and short-lived on green stems 30–60 mm tall. The callus plate extends for the length of the labellum. The anther is green, pink or purplish.


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