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Aceramarca gracile opossum

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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Didelphimorphia
Genus  Gracilinanus
Higher classification  Gracilinanus
Phylum  Chordata
Family  Didelphidae
Scientific name  Gracilinanus aceramarcae
Rank  Species
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The Aceramarca gracile opossum or Bolivian gracile opossum (Gracilinanus aceramarcae) is a species of opossum. It is native to Bolivia and Peru, where it occurs in tropical elfin forest habitat.

This opossum is mostly arboreal, but it may forage on the ground for food.

This species has been recorded at only six locations, but it is not considered to be threatened because its habitat is relatively secure from deforestation and other threats at this time.

This mouse opossum does not have a pouch. It is reddish or grayish brown in color with a cream-colored belly and a dark eye ring. It is up to 13.5 centimeters long, not including its slender, scaly tail, which may be over 15 centimeters long.


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