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ATC code  none
CAS Number  807-31-8
ChemSpider  12570
Molar mass  396.498 g/mol
Synonyms  Acetabuton; R 3248
PubChem CID  13122
Aceperone httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu

How to pronounce aceperone

Aceperone is a neuroleptic drug of the butyrophenone class. It is an α-noradrenergic blocking drug developed by Janssen Pharmaceutica in the 1960s.

Aceperone has been used as a tool in the study of the biochemical basis of learning. Although aceperone does not block learning per se, it blocks access to an attentional mechanism by which animals ‘tune in’ to the relevant visual dimension when learning a visual discimination task at doses below those that affect general behaviour.


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