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Ace Mariner Europa

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Ace Mariner Europa

The Ace Mariner Europa is a fibreglass (GRP) outboard-engined "high-speed day cruiser" manufactured in the early 1970s by Ace Plastics of Clough Road, Hull, England.

The Europa was the first motorboat to incorporate an 'arch' over the cockpit to hold the canopy, lights etc. Original design by Ray Innes.

Maximum Power of Engine 80 hp (Ship & Boat Builders' National Federation).

Price in October 1974 £1375 including VAT.

The moulds used for the production of this boat were later transferred to Highfield Sports Boats of Lees Moor, Keighley who considered the production of an inboard-engined version.

Length: 5 metres 16' 8" Beam: 2.1 metres 6' 11" Hull: Deep Vee / Cathedral hull

Weight: Approximately 660 kg (1456 lbs) hull and fixed equipment

Maximum Design Planing Speed: 30 knots


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