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Absolutely Kosher Records

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Founded  1998
Absolutely Kosher Records httpspbstwimgcomprofileimages1094064486AK
Artists  Chris Garneau, Xiu Xiu, The Mountain Goats, The Wrens, Pinback
Albums  Music for Tourists, El Radio, The Meadowlands, Shut Up I Am Dreaming, The Coroner's Gambit

Absolutely Kosher Records is an independent California-based record label founded in 1998 in San Francisco by Cory Brown. The label moved to Berkeley in 2002 and then to Emeryville in October 2006 when it partnered with Misra Records. The two labels remain separate entities.

Absolutely Kosher has been listed on the RIAA website since 2005 as a distributed label of a reporting member (Fontana, the label's distributor). However, the label is not itself a member, and neither pay dues nor corresponds with the RIAA.

On September 20, 2011 a statement from Cory Brown was placed on the label's website informing people that the label would cease to release any more records for the foreseeable future due to financial difficulties.

Bands and artists

  • The Affair
  • Azeda Booth
  • Bottom of the Hudson
  • Franklin Bruno
  • Buttonhead
  • Chet
  • The Court and Spark
  • Rob Crow
  • The Dead Science
  • The Dudley Corporation
  • Eltro
  • The Ex-Boyfriends
  • The Extra Glenns
  • Frog Eyes
  • The Gang
  • Chris Garneau
  • Get Him Eat Him
  • Goblin Cock
  • Jack Hayter
  • The Hidden Cameras
  • The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up
  • Jukeboxer
  • Laarks
  • Life Without Buildings
  • Little Teeth
  • The Mountain Goats
  • Okay
  • Optiganally Yours
  • P.E.E.
  • Pidgeon
  • Pinback
  • The Places
  • +/-
  • The Rollercoaster Project
  • 60 Watt Kid
  • Summer at Shatter Creek
  • Sunset Rubdown
  • Swords Project
  • Sybris
  • Telegraph Melts
  • Thingy
  • Two Guys
  • Virginia Dare
  • Wax Fang
  • Withered Hand
  • The Wrens
  • Xiu Xiu
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