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Abraxas pantaria

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Kingdom  Animalia
Class  Insecta
Family  Geometridae
Scientific name  Abraxas pantaria
Phylum  Arthropoda
Order  Lepidoptera
Genus  Abraxas
Rank  Species
Abraxas pantaria Bestimmungshilfe des Lepiforums Abraxas Pantaria
Similar  Aspitates, Abraxas, Gnophos, Aplocera, Horisme

Abraxas pantaria, known commonly as the light magpie or spotted ash looper is a species of moth belonging to the family Geometridae. It was described by Linnaeus in 1767. It is found in the Mediterranean and is common in Portugal and Spain. It is also known from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Croatia, Armenia and Georgia south-eastern Russia and Turkey.

Abraxas pantaria Light Magpie Abraxas pantaria UKMoths

The wingspan is 38–42 mm for females and 35–40 mm for males. Adults are white to creamy (bone color). The head, thorax and abdomen have light brown hairs and the thorax and each abdominal segment has dark brown spots. The wings are white, although the base of the wings is darker, almost the same color of thorax. The forewings have light brown spots toward the apical margin very close to the middle, forming an irregular band. The hindwings have smaller spots.

Abraxas pantaria lepinetfr Abraxas pantaria La Zrne du Frne La Bizarre La

The larvae feed on the leaves of Fraxinus excelsior and are considered a pest. The newly hatched caterpillars mostly feed on the lower epidermis and parenchyma tissue, leaving a network of veins. As the caterpillars grow, the size of these grooves increases. Infested leaves usually dry and turn brownish in time. The damage caused can be significant and some trees may be completely defoliated. There are five instars.

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