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Abdul Wahid bin Zaid

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Name  Abdul bin

Died  793 AD
Abdul Wahid bin Zaid Hazrat Abdul Wahid Bin Zaid rahmatullah alayh

Abdul wahid bin zaid on benefit of reading durood reported by imam sakhawi tahir ul qadri

Abdul Wahid bin Zaid Abul Fadl ('Abdul Wāḥid bin Zaid Abul Faḍl; died 21st Shawwal 793) was an early day Sufi Saint, a successor to Hasan al-Basri, second link in the Sufi Silsilah of Chishti Order, and the Master of Fudhail Bin Iyadh.


Abdul Wahid bin Zaid Hazrat Khawaja Abdul Wahid Bin Zaid ra And Hazrat Khwaja Hasan

Abdul Waahid Bin Zaid has been quoted in Fazail-e-Sadaqat as receiving advice from a Christian monk. He is also reported to have received education from Imam Abu Hanifah, before being initiated full-time as a Sufi by Khwaja Hasan al-Basri.

His year of birth is unknown but is said to be on 176, 177, or 186 Hijri, equating probably to 711 AD. The month is said to be 27th of Safar. His shrine is in Basrah, Iraq.

Story chisty 4th imam mureed of abdul wahid bin zaid rh wali fuzail bin iyaaz rh allama mukhtar sb b


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