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Abdoulatifou Aly

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Political party  MDM
Name  Abdoulatifou Aly

Abdoulatifou Aly
Born  12 April 1960 Diego Suarez, Madagascar
Committees  Constitutional Acts, Legislation and General Administration Committee
Party  Mahoran Departmentalist Movement

Other political affiliations  MoDem

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Abdoulatifou Aly, born on 12 April 1960 in Diego Suarez, Madagascar, is a French politician, a long-term representative of the island of Mayotte at the National Assembly of France and a member of the executive bureau of the Democratic Movement.

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Juridical career

Abdoulatifou Aly received both his primary and middle school education in Mayotte, before graduating high school in Leconte-de-Lisle high school in Saint-Denis-de-la-Réunion. He then continued to study the law at the Robert Schumann University, Strasbourg, where he specialised in the laws of territorial collectivities.

He was then made the territorial attaché of Moselle, in charge of social actions. In 1988, he returned to Mayotte, where he launched a political attack before becoming the chief officer of finance, then the assistant general secretary in 1990 and general secretary in 1992. He is a lawyer at the Bar of Mamoudzou.

On 19 September 2011, he was convicted on appeal for retaining the damage amounts and interests (20,000 euros in one case, then 50,000 euros in a second) intended for his clients, who were victims of child rape. He was prohibited from the court for two years.

Political Career

While he was affiliated with the Mahoré People’s Movement (French: Mouvement populaire mahorais), he was assistant mayor of Pamandzi from 1989 to 1995. He then became parliamentary assistant and substitute to Senator Marcel Henry, a job that he had until 2004.

During that time, he also became the president of the Georges Nahouda club, a club of reflection on departmentalisation. He adhered to the Mahoré People’s Movement under which he got re-elected as the assistant mayor of Pamandzi in 2001. Since then, he has joined the Force of Alteration (French: la Force de l’Alternance) a dissidence of MDM.

As a member of this movement, he qualified for the second round of the French legislative elections of 2007, then was elected on 17 June with the support of and under the label of the Democratic Movement, who he joined twice – during the first time, in fact, the Democratic Movement supported Daroussi Zainadini, also of MDM. He beat the other candidate, Masour Kamardine of the Union for a Popular Movement (French: Union pour un mouvement populaire, UPM) with 56.29% of the votes.

He pleaded throughout his campaign for "The republican equality" and declared "It is a must that the same rights come to Mayotte as everywhere else in the Republic."

Like the three others elected from the Democratic Movement, he did not vote on the trust of the François Fillon government and he abstained. He joined the office of the Union for French Democracy, (French: Union pour la Démocratie Française, UDF) a constituent of the Democratic Movement, during the congress of the party on 30 November 2007 in Villepinte.

In July 2010, Abdoulatifou Aly expressed that he was in favour of a law scheme about burqas.

He suffered a sudden great loss during the legislative elections on June 10, 2012, as he did not gain more than 0.82% of the poll with 127 votes, a new for an outgoing MP. On May 24, 2013, the constitutional council rejected his campaign accounts and was declared ineligible for one year.


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