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Abbaye Saint Jean de Laon

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Abbaye Saint-Jean de Laon

The Abbey of Saint-Jean de Laon is an Abbey in Laon France founded in 641 by St. Salaberge, sister of Saint Bodon.

Salaberge was a disciple of St. Eustase second abbot of Luxeuil. Widow, she retired to Laon, where she founded the Abbey outside the city walls, south of the town, a monastery for women she equips herself and dedicated to St. John the Baptiste. She soon has 300 nuns. Salaberge then made the Abbey a Double monastery which she is the first abbess.

The second abbess was Astrude, daughter of saint Salaberge and Blandin. The scriptorium was very rich and had over three hundred pounds, it was the basis for what would become the school of Laon.

A table, as local tradition attributes to the father of Nicolas Poussin, represents the arrival of holy Salaberge in Laon. It is presented in the musée d'art et d'archéologie de Laon.



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