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Aalbach (Main)

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State  Baden-Württemberg
Country  Germany
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The Aalbach is a 26.5 km long river in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is an eastern tributary of the River Main . History

Map of Aalbach, Wertheim am Main, Germany

The stream begins at the confluence of Haselgrund digging and Ströhleinsaugraben north of Waldbrunn . It flows to the southeast of the Main square in Wertheim - Bettingen in the Main, which here in the Urpharer Mainschleife occurs. Inflows

Ziegelbach (Mühlbach) (right) Kappwiesenbrünnchen (left) Saugraben (right) Leitenbach (right) Bien Graben [5] (right) Benz trench (right) Renztalgraben (right) Hasengrund (Wetschelgraben) (right)

River System Aalbach

List of rivers in the river system Aalbach


The Aalbach flows through the following places:

Waldbrunn Waldbüttelbrunn - Mädelhofen Waldbüttelbrunn - Roßbrunn Uettingen, Germany Remlingen Wood churches Holzkirchen - Wüstenzell Wertheim - Dertingen Wertheim Bettingen


The Aalbachtal passes through the eastern part of the early medieval Waldsassengaus in the area between Maindreieck and Mainviereck .


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