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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Coleoptera
Scientific name  Aades
Rank  Genus
Division  Arthropoda
Family  Curculionidae
Higher classification  True weevils
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Similar  Beetle, True weevils, Insect, Weevil, Chrysolopus spectabilis

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Aades is a genus of beetle from the Curculionidae family.

There are currently 4 species within this genus:

  • Aades bicristatus (Schoenherr, 1823)
  • Aades bifoveifrons (Lea, 1916); an infrasubspecies of Aades bifoveifrons is Aades foveipennis bifoveifrons or Aades foveipennis var. bifoveifrons
  • Aades cultratus (Schoenherr, 1823)
  • Aades franklini (Heller, K.M., 1925); which is also known under a different genus Aterpus as Aterpus franklini
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