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AZeotropy, IIT Bombay

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Genre  Symposium
Place  Mumbai, India
Founded  2007
Prize money  Rs 3.5 lacs
AZeotropy, IIT Bombay
Type  Non-Profit student-run Organization
Institute  Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

AZeotropy is annual Chemical Engineering Symposium organized by students of Chemical Engineering Department, IIT Bombay. In Chemical Engineering terminology, Azeotrope is a mixture of two or more liquids whose proportions cannot be altered by simple distillation. On similar lines, the name AZeotropy signifies the goal of achieving a terrific, indestructible relation between the chemical industry and the curriculum for chemical engineering. It aims to manifest the very spirit of Chemical Engineering in young students from all corners of India. It involves a blend of Chemical engineering based competitions, lectures, exhibitions, workshops and many fun-with-learning events.



AZeotropy, popularly known as AZeo runs over a span of two days during the end of first week of March with a footfall of over 3000 from more than 100 colleges of chemical engineering across India.It is non-profit student run organization started in 2007 primarily to cater to the chemical engineering enthusiasts by providing them a competitive as well as learning platform .

The logo of AZeotropy depicts A to Z of Chemical Engineering. That precisely is the reason why A and Z both are written in the capital case.

AZeotropy is entirely student body organization. The core team consists of 16 members which includes 2 overall coordinators and 14 department-wise heads.The team AZeotropy has a total of 150 students including all organizers and coordinators.

Each year,AZeotropy hauls a theme to promote and bring out the sections which are not discovered in routine academic curriculum and base on it organizes many intriguing competitions, events, and also a wide variety of lectures by industrialist and professors, panel discussions, on-the-spot quizzes, informal events etc. The list of themes of previous years consists of 'We mean Green', 'Safer practices for Safer Returns', 'Opt for Optimization', 'R3- Reuse Recycle Refine', 'Inspire. Innovate. Evolve'. In the last AZeotropy it was 'Chempowering rural development'.


AZeotropy conducts workshops for the students who are enthusiastic to learn different aspects of Chemical Engineering. This event focuses on giving the knowledge on Chemical technologies developed so far. Workshops that are previously conducted include Aspen plus, Ansys-Fluent, LaTeX, Ascend, Comsol and many more. Last year there was a participation of more than 1000 students for workshops.


Lectures, followed by Interactive Sessions between the renowned personalities and the budding engineers are held to understand the different aspects of Chemical Engineering. AZeotropy has privileged to have lecture of Dr. B.C. Jain, Dr. Man Mohan Sharma, Mr. Alok Pandit, Mr. Harsha Bhogle and many more personalities.

Panel Discussions

Every year experienced personalities from industries, socialists, professors and researchers are invited to discuss on current trending topics of that time like ecology factor hindering industrial growth, innovation aspect in Chemical Engineering, Rural Marketing etc.


An opportunity for students watch the things in reality, which till now they have only read theoretically, but in the form of a model. Students get exposure to the current research and technological advancements going on in Chemical Engineering. Along with the current things, models of old practices are also exhibited.


Informals have a slight disorientation from the technical field. they consists of various fun events such as Chem-Charades, Scrabble and many more for all the students, which require a basic knowledge of Chemical Engineering but with an innovative implementation.


Inspired from American Institute of Chemical Engineers , AZeotropy has structured this competition. This year 85 participation were received from across the India. This competition provides real world engineering challenges for the students where they get an opportunity to design and build a small car which derives its power from a chemical reaction.


This is a quiz designed to test one’s intellectual and logical skill-set, be it purely intense engineering or simply the environment around us with a mesh of questions related to chemical engineering, both technical and prominent. This year, top 40 students from all over the India got a chance to visit and understand the control process of one of the most reputed chemical plants in India, under the advocacy of BASF.


Next in the queue stands Chem-O-Philia - the National level Chemical Engineering Quiz which aims to bring out the budding chemical engineers from theories, laws, and principles. The questions are designed in a totally non-traditional way which adds a feather of fun in the quiz. This ends up with three rounds of quizzing (elimination, regional finals and national Finals) with elimination rounds in five different parts of India.


Keeping in mind the issue of water scarcity and need to engineer a cheap chemically operated device which could filter the water at any place, AZeotropy brought ChemPact, which saw the upcoming of many energy efficient and economically feasible designs which catered to the need. Since then, every year a new problem statement is designed regarding the application of Chemical Engineering for social impact.

Industrial Design Problem

Every year AZeotropy invites real and persisting industrial problems from the big industries of India and provides a platform for students to showcase their ability by working on these challenges, exposing them to real life analysis of the situations and their practical solutions on a macro level. This year it was based on waste treatment and received many innovative solutions from participants.


The online cryptic hunt Cipher, not only makes one scratch one's head in the search for the answer but promises to entertain all along the journey one is about to embark upon.Crypt hunts are not only about googling and checking the source codes but also about keeping one's senses open and reliving some of those experiences which will get you nearer to your answer!


AZeo-trophy is the overall trophy for AZeotropy, which is awarded to the best-performer college. Every competition has been allotted fixed numbers of points for each winning place as well as participation. All those points are added up, and the overall winner college receives a trophy, the AZeo-trophy! This year IIT-Bombay retained the trophy.

AZeo-trophy was introduced in AZeotropy 2012 with the aim to get maximum participation from every college, which was won by IIT Bombay. In 2013 Institute of Chemical Technology-Mumbai won the trophy; which IIT Bombay reclaimed and achieved in 2014.

Past Sponsors

In the past, renowned organisations and industries have supported AZeotropy in its endeavours. AZeotropy has attracted sponsorships from various corporations and industries like Reliance Industries, Tata Chemicals, BASF, Bayer, Hindustan Petroleum, Larsen & Toubro, ONGC, Chemical engineering world, Fenix, Graphite India limited, Ion Exchange (India) limited, Monarch, Newreka etc.


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