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AVL (engineering company)

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Industry  Automotive
Website  www.avl.com
Revenue  1.27 billion EUR (2015)
Founder  Hans List
Type of business  Private
Number of employees  8,050 worldwide (2016)
Headquarters  Graz, Austria
CEO  Helmut List (1979–)
Founded  1948
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Key people  Helmut List, Chairman & CEO

AVL, or Anstalt für Verbrennungskraftmaschinen List, is an Austrian-based automotive consulting firm as well as an independent research institute. It is the largest privately owned company for the development of powertrain systems with internal combustion engines (ICEs) as well as instrumentation and test systems and also produces electric powertrains.


Company history and accomplishments

AVL was founded by Professor Doctor Hans List in 1948, after he became an independent engineer. The company was primarily focused on diesel truck engines, and after great success, branched out in 1960 to include an engine instrumentation division. Funds from the famous American Marshall Plan for reconstruction after WW II were key to the establishment of AVL.

In 1969, AVL developed a revolutionary test bed which allowed for comprehensive data acquisition and analysis.

Throughout the 1970s, AVL's diesel engine performance and data acquisition capabilities continued to improve, while its PUMA test bed software began to give the company an international reputation. The founder's son Helmut List became the management chairman in 1979. After more innovations and more success in the 1980s, AVL opened its AST (Advanced Simulation Technology) division in 1987.

Some of the AVL's special skills are widely known and available to the technically interested public. One is developing and improving 4-wheel-drive systems. Another is car sound design, for practically all car producers around the globe. This is why, in general, more silently running vehicles can be distinguished by their manufacturer. However, the sounds are sensitively matched to the local aural expectations, therefore they sound differently in Japan, South Korea, the United States, Germany, or Italy. More significantly, each type of vehicle is expected to have a characteristic sound; a sport roadster's sound greatly differs from an SUV as well as a same-company cruising limousine.

AVL assisted American Ford with the design of their new Power Stroke medium-duty truck diesel engine.

In 2007, AVL purchased the French company Le Moteur Moderne, which also specialises in engine development. The aim of this operation was to improve the AVL's presence in France as well as globally.

CEO Helmut List is also eponymous for the Helmut-List-Halle, a large multi-purpose cultural venue. It hosts many events during the annual Styrian Autumn Festival. As the hall particularly features ideal acoustic conditions for classical concerts, one of its estimators is a worldwide renowned Mozart expert who grew up in Graz, conductor Nikolaus Harnoncourt.

AVL has technical centers around the world namely Graz, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Sweden, Japan, Korea, France, US, Hungary, India, UK, China, Turkey and Brazil.

AVL group, besides the direct affiliates of AVL List GmbH also include other companies

  • AVL Ditest
  • AVL Schrick GmbH
  • Piezocryst
  • Trimerics
  • AVL Emission Test Systems GmbH
  • AVL Pierburg Instruments Flow Technology GmbH
  • Le Moteur Moderne (LMM)
  • AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies

    Engine Thermodynamics & Internal Flow Analysis

  • FIRE
  • FAME
  • Engine Structural Dynamics

  • EXCITE PowerUnit
  • EXCITE Piston&Ring
  • EXCITE Timing Drive
  • Engine Acoustic simulation

  • EXCITE Acoustics
  • Vehicle Concept Simulation

  • Vehicle Flow Mechanics

  • FAME
  • Online Solutions

  • eFAME
  • Electric vehicles

    The shift to electrified vehicles has prompted AVL Powertrain Engineering Inc. to open a battery lab in its Ann Arbor, Mich., tech center.

    AVL is introducing a new energy management and systems integration facility, the AVL California Technology Center (CTC), to support the market's advanced technology initiatives. Located in the epicenter of "green" initiatives—southern California—the facility showcases ample capabilities not currently consolidated in any other North American facility.


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