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ATM (2012 film)

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Directed by
David Brooks

Music by
David Buckley

Initial release
17 February 2012 (Italy)

Box office
1 million USD

Story by
Chris Sparling, Ron Tippe


Screenplay by
Chris Sparling

Bengt Jonsson

David Brooks

Music director
David Buckley

ATM (2012 film) wwwgstaticcomtvthumbmovieposters9050120p905

Produced by
Paul Brooks, Peter Safran, Sarah Pineau (Eva Alexander)

Brian Geraghty, Alice Eve, Josh Peck

Alice Eve
Josh Peck
Brian Geraghty
Aaron Hughes
Will Woytowich
Steve Nagribianko

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Atm official trailer 1 alice eve movie 2012 hd

ATM is a 2012 American horror thriller film directed by David Brooks and starring Brian Geraghty, Alice Eve, and Josh Peck. The films centers on three people trapped in an ATM booth by a psychopathic hooded figure.


ATM (2012 film) ATM 2012

Atm 2012 trailer hd


ATM (2012 film) ATM 2012 Filmes de Terror

David Hargrove (Brian Geraghty) is an accountant having trouble asking out his co-worker Emily Brandt (Alice Eve), who is resigning for a position with the MPO. At a Christmas party, David offers to drop Emily home. Reluctantly, David also agrees to drive home his other co-worker Corey Thompson (Josh Peck), who accompanies them. During the car ride at midnight, Corey forces David to stop at a local ATM booth, needing to withdraw cash to buy pizza at a restaurant.

ATM (2012 film) ATM 2012 IMDb

David spites Corey by parking some distance away, making him walk. However, David and Emily join Corey inside when he encounters card problems. When the three are about to leave, they spot a hooded figure (Mike O'Brian) in a parka coat lurking outside in the parking lot. They panic and Corey suggests they return to the car, but David and Emily suspect the figure to be a robber. They also discover he cannot enter without an ATM card, though other circumstances soon prove this wrong.

ATM (2012 film) ATM Official Trailer 1 Alice Eve Movie 2012 HD YouTube

When the hooded man kills a dog walker, they attempt to phone the police, only to realize that their cellphones were left in the car. The hooded man shuts down the booth's heater, rendering the booth cold to match the weather. David opts to negotiate their safety by giving the killer $500, earrings and a watch. He uses this to escape to his car where he finds out the wires are severed, and the car cannot start. David attempts to call 911 but is attacked by the pursuing figure. He accidentally drops the phone midway, in an attempt to escape from the hooded man.

ATM (film) movie scenes

Trying to lure assistance, Emily then uses her lipstick to write "HELP" on the booth's window, as the hooded figure tidies the scene outside. David, Emily and Corey are freezing when a security guard (Ernesto Griffith) locates them. When the guard tries to call the cops, the hooded man beats him to death using a tire iron from David's car trunk, leaving the three witnesses in shock. When a man with a similar coat abruptly enters the booth, he is subdued and killed by David and Corey, but is later revealed to be only an innocent janitor. Frustrated, Corey takes the janitor's coat and leaves, but gets caught and stabbed by the hooded man, seemingly killing him.

ATM (2012 film) Film Review ATM 2012

After several hours, David and Emily realize Corey is still alive. They retrieve him from outside, narrowly managing to return to the booth before the hooded man can get to them. The hooded man then blocks the booth door with David's car and tries to freeze them to death, by filling the booth with cold water. Corey eventually dies of blood loss and hypothermia. David elevates Emily on his shoulders to successfully trigger the fire sprinkler system alarm using Corey's lighter, a trash can, and some paper; but Emily falls and snaps her neck, killing her.

ATM (film) movie scenes

Relentless, the hooded man sends the security guard's car into David's car which slams into the booth and breaks it down. Angered, David improvises a Molotov cocktail and throws it at the hooded killer, but the figure he sets ablaze turns out to be the dead security guard in a parka coat. The police arrive, and David is arrested as the hooded man hides himself. 

ATM (film) movie scenes

As David is driven away, he sees many unknown figures wearing parka coats in the crowd at the crime scene. The killer among the crowd, spies on David and leaves the scene. The police recover surveillance recordings of the events within the ATM booth, but it is made clear the killer had planned his actions to not appear in the footage, framing David for the killer's crimes. The killer has also planted other evidence against David. In the final scene of the film, the hooded man, whose face is still unseen, returns to his headquarters, where he begins to map out similar attacks on a mini-mart, a farm house, and other ATMs.

ATM (film) movie scenes


ATM (film) movie scenes

  • Brian Geraghty as David Hargrove
  • Alice Eve as Emily Brandt
  • Josh Peck as Corey Thompson
  • Mike O'Brian as The Man
  • Robert Huculak as Robert
  • Victoria Ruffo as Victoria
  • Francisco Gattorno as Jared
  • Cesar Evora as Jorge
  • Carlos Bonavides as Alan
  • Ernesto Griffith as Security Guard
  • Bryan Clark as Jerry
  • Daniel De Jaeger as Luke
  • Omar Khan as Christian
  • Aaron Hughes as Patrolman
  • Will Woytowich as Sargent
  • Glen Thompson as Harold
  • Production

    Filming began September 2010 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Actress Margarita Levieva was set to play the female lead before being replaced by Alice Eve.


    On the review website Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a rating of 9%, based on 22 reviews.


    The film was released to video on demand services such as Comcast and Zune on March 6, 2012. On July 31, 2012, the film was released on DVD and Blu-ray. Both formats feature the 90-minute R-rated version of the film as well as an 85-minute unrated Director's cut. They also both include a behind-the-scenes featurette and the trailer.


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