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Founded  1962
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ASA (Autocostruzioni Società per Azioni) was an Italian automobile manufacturer, the main product of which was the ASA 1000 GT. The car was developed by Ferrari, the engine being derived from the "250" 3-litre designed by Gioacchino Colombo, and the chassis by Giotto Bizzarrini, and derived from the tubular frame of the 250 GTO. The prototype was first presented by Carrozzeria Bertone (Geneva 1961) under the name "Mille". In 1963, Enzo Ferrari finally decided not to give his name to the new berlinetta and entrusted the construction to a close friend, Oronzio de Nora. The car was manufactured in Milan by a newly formed company called ASA (owned by the De Nora Electrochemical Group) from 1964 to 1969. The 1000 GT model was presented in 1962, but production started two years later. Bodywork was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro at Bertone.

This small GT car featured an OHC 1,032 cc (63.0 cu in) four-cylinder engine designed by Ferrari engineers, for an in-house project originally dubbed "Ferrarina." The original engine design was basically a four-cylinder, 850 cc (52 cu in) slice of a Colombo V12 from a Ferrari 212, complete with characteristic "clothes pin" valve springs, and breathing through two Weber 40 DCOE9 carburetors. Power was 98 HP, with a HP/Litre ratio, better than the contemporary Ferrari 275 GTB. The 1000 GT featured a double wishbone arrangement for its front suspension, with a live axle at the rear. Both ends of the car featured coils springs, tubular dampers, and an anti-roll bar, as well as disk brakes. The coupe model was bodied in steel, with aluminum for the hood and trunk lids.

A racing version of the 1000 GT Coupe had a 1,092 cc (66.6 cu in) engine which produced 95 bhp (71 kW); later versions featured 105 bhp (78 kW). Only a few of the cars were made, but they had a good deal of success at Italian sporting events.

A few larger four- and six-cylinder vehicles were individually built to order; almost all were prototypes. All had fiberglass bodywork.


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