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Operator  ARSAT
Spacecraft  ARSAT-3
Launch site  Kourou ELA-3
Launch date  2019
Launch mass  3,000 kg
Mission type  Communications satellite
Mission duration  15 years
Bus  ARSAT-3K (enhanced)
Contractor  Arianespace
Launch mass  3,000 kg
Rocket  Ariane 5
ARSAT-3 kontrainfocomwpcontentuploads201603Arsat3
Manufacturers  INVAP, Thales Alenia Space
Similar  ARSAT‑2, ARSAT‑1, SABIA‑Mar, Nahuel 1A, SAC‑D

ARSAT-3 is a geostationary communications satellite ordered by ARSAT and being designed by the Argentine company INVAP. ARSAT-3 is expected to be launched on from French Guiana on an Ariane 5ECA rocket. It is expected to be located at 81° West longitude geostationary slot. ARSAT-3 will be the third geostationary satellite built in INVAP, after ARSAT-1 and ARSAT-2. The ARSAT-3 will introduce an enhanced bus platform that will enable enhanced services.

ARSAT-3 El INVAP ya trabaja en la construccin del satlite ARSAT3 Info

ARSAT-3 will be a multi-spot Ka band bent-pipe design that will offer Internet access at cable costs.

On a 2016 presentation, ARSAT disclosed that the project would be restarted in 2017. It would be a multi spot Ka band satellite based on the ARSAT-3K platform and have 40Gbit/s of bandwidth. Its foot print would cover Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and part of Paraguay. Most presale contracts were signed during 2015 and were expecting to restart production by 2017 with the company's own resources.

ARSAT-3 Thales Alenia Space e o satlite ARSAT3 da Argentina Tecnodefesa
ARSAT-3 El macrismo par la construccin del ARSAT 3 y puso el ARSAT 2 a la
ARSAT-3 El Arsat3 llegar con internet hasta los hogares
ARSAT-3 Thales Alenia Space e o satlite ARSAT3 da Argentina Tecnodefesa
ARSAT-3 Estaban las condiciones dadas para construir el ARSAT3 Diario


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