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ARAD (Sumerogram)

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ARAD (Sumerogram)

ARAD, (also ÌR or NITÁ) is the capital letter-(majuscule) sumerogram for the Akkadian language word "ardu", for servant. It is used especially in the introduction to the Pharaoh: for example "To King, Lord-mine (of Gods(pl)-mine, Sun-god-mine), message thus Xxxxxx, "Servant-yours"-(271). It is also used extensively in Amarna letter texts, the author, usually the "man of a city", (or scribe), where there is a constant reminder that he is a "servant", or "servant-yours"-(of the Pharaoh). Many letters are giving city-state status reports, but many are also requesting help with the Egyptian army troops-(Archers (Egyptian pitati), supplied by the Pharaoh).

Epic of Gilgamesh

The cuneiform character for ARAD, ÌR, and NITÁ: in the Epic of Gilgamesh is used in the following numbers: ARAD-(2), ÌR-(2), and NITÁ-(2) times. It is used numerous times in the Amarna letters but especially from the city-states of Canaan-(Ki-Na-Ha-A-(-Ha-) in the letters-(EA 30:1, for example)).


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