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ARA Veinticinco de Mayo (C 2)

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Name  Veinticinco de Mayo
Laid down  29 November 1927
Fate  Scrapped 1960
Launched  11 August 1929
Draft  4.66 m
Namesake  May Revolution
Commissioned  11 July 1931
Construction started  29 November 1927
Length  171 m
Owner  Argentine Navy
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Class and type  Veinticinco de Mayo-class cruiser
Builders  Cantiere navale fratelli Orlando, Livorno

ARA Veinticinco de Mayo was a cruiser which served in the Argentine Navy through World War II. The English translation of the name is May 25th, which is the date of Argentina's May Revolution in 1810.

History and design

Veinticinco de Mayo was built in Italy and was the first ship of the Veinticinco de Mayo class of cruisers. Three vessels were to be produced, but in the end, only 25 de Mayo and her sister ship Almirante Brown were acquired, both in 1931.

These ships were unusual in several ways. First, they carried 7.5 inch guns, only the third class of warship to do so. Also, like the Italian Zara class and other Italian-built warships of the era they carried their floatplanes under the foredeck and launched them from a fixed catapult over the bows.


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