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AR Cassiopeiae

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Magnitude  4.91
Constellation  Cassiopeia
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Similar  Tau Cassiopeiae, Sigma Cassiopeiae, Chi Cassiopeiae, Lambda Cassiopeiae, Psi Cassiopeiae

AR Cassiopeiae (AR Cas) is a multiple star system in the constellation of Cassiopeia. It is thought to be a septuple star system. It is one of only two known star systems with a multiplicity of 7, the other being Nu Scorpii, with no physical multiple stars of greater multiplicity yet found.

The star was frequently referred to as IH Cas (or IH Cas) in literature. The origin of the designation "IH Cassiopeiae" is from the 17th century catalogue and constellation map by Johannes Hevelius, which was kept in use due to the lack of a Flamsteed designation or Bayer designation for the star. It was the first star in Cassiopeia that Hevelius catalogued, thus "1 Hev. Cas" or "1 H. Cas" (similar to Gould designations), which becomes IH Cas through corruption.

The primary star of the system is Type-B and Class-IV and sub component of the system is an Algol-type eclipsing binary. The system is also considered a visual double star.


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