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AM 6545

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CAS Number  1245626-05-4
ChemSpider  26333263
Formula  C26H23Cl2N5O3S
Molar mass  556.463 g/mol
PubChem CID  46912919
ECHA InfoCard  100.216.518
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AM-6545 is a drug which acts as a peripherally selective silent antagonist for the CB1 receptor, and was developed for the treatment of obesity. Other cannabinoid antagonists such as rimonabant have been marketed for this application, but have subsequently been withdrawn from sale because of centrally mediated side effects such as depression and nausea. Because AM-6545 does not cross the blood–brain barrier to any significant extent, it does not produce these kinds of side effects, but has still been shown to effectively reduce appetite and food consumption in animal studies.


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