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Power type  Diesel-electric
Model  RSD-5
AAR wheel arr.  C-C
Builder  ALCO
Build date  1952–1956
Total produced  204 (167 USA, 37 Mexico)

The ALCO RSD-5 was a diesel-electric locomotive of the road switcher type rated at 1,600 horsepower (1.2 MW), that rode on a pair of three-axle trucks, having a C-C wheel arrangement.

Basically an upgraded version of the earlier ALCO RSD-4, and used in much the same manner as its four-axle counterpart, the ALCO RS-3, the six-motor design allowed better tractive effort at lower speeds.

Preserved units

As of 2015, there are only two of these locomotives known to be in existence. Ex-CNW #1689, formerly owned by Gary Baloun, is currently in operation at the Illinois Railway Museum and repainted in its original Chicago & North Western colors. The other is the former Utah Railway #306, now painted as Nickel Plate Road #324 and owned by Doyle McCormack of the Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation.


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