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AK 100 (Rifle family)

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AK-100 (Rifle family)

For the Russian naval gun see: AK-100 Naval gun

The AK-74M is the basis for the new Russian AK-100 family of Kalashnikov firearms:

  • the 5.56×45mm AK-101 assault rifle and 5.56 mm AK-102 carbine,
  • the 7.62×39mm AK-103 assault rifle and 7.62 mm AK-104 carbine and
  • the 5.45×39mm AK-105 carbine.
  • The AK-101, 102, and 104 are destined primarily for export, while the AK-105 is slated to replace the AKS-74U with the Russian Armed Forces. The 103 is used by elite Russian military and police groups in addition to being exported.

    Additionally, the AK-107 (5.45×39mm M74) and AK-108 (5.56×45mm NATO) rifles have a balanced recoil system to reduce felt recoil and muzzle rise. This balanced recoil system is derived from the AEK-971 rifle.


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