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AFI's 100 Years...100 Laughs

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1998  100 Movies
2000  100 Laughs
2002  100 Passions
1999  100 Stars
2001  100 Thrills
2003  100 Heroes & Villains

Part of the AFI 100 Years… series, AFI's 100 Years…100 Laughs is a list of the top 100 funniest movies in American cinema. A wide variety of comedies were nominated for the distinction that included slapstick comedy, action comedy, screwball comedy, romantic comedy, satire, black comedy, musical comedy, comedy of manners, and comedy of errors. The list was unveiled by the American Film Institute on June 13, 2000.

Cary Grant has the most appearances on the list, with eight films.


  • Feature-length fiction film: The film must be in narrative format typically over 40 minutes long.
  • American film: The film must be in the English language with significant creative and/or financial production elements from the United States.
  • Funny: Regardless of genre, the total comedic impact of a film’s elements must create an experience greater than the sum of the smiles.
  • Legacy: Laughs must echo across time, enriching America’s film heritage and inspiring artists and audiences today.
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