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AFI's 10 Top 10

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1998  100 Movies
2000  100 Laughs
2002  100 Passions
1999  100 Stars
2001  100 Thrills
2003  100 Heroes & Villains

AFI's 10 Top 10 honors the ten greatest US films in ten classic film genres. Presented by the American Film Institute (AFI), the lists were unveiled on a television special broadcast by CBS on June 17, 2008. In the special, various actors and directors, among them Clint Eastwood, Quentin Tarantino, Kirk Douglas, Harrison Ford, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Roman Polanski, and Jane Fonda, discussed their admiration for and personal contributions to the films cited.


The entire list of 500 nominated films is available on the American Film Institute website.


AFI defines "animated" as a genre in which the film's images are primarily created by computer or hand and the characters are voiced by actors.


AFI defines "fantasy" as a genre in which live-action characters inhabit imagined settings and/or experience situations that transcend the rules of the natural world.


AFI defines the "Gangster film" as a genre that centers on organized crime or maverick criminals in a 20th-century setting.

Science fiction

AFI defines "science fiction" as a genre that marries a scientific or technological premise with imaginative speculation.


AFI defines "western" as a genre of films set in the American West that embodies the spirit, the struggle, and the demise of the new frontier.


AFI defines "sports" as a genre of films with protagonists who play athletics or other games of competition.


AFI defines "mystery" as a genre that revolves around the solution of a crime.

Romantic comedy

AFI defines "romantic comedy" as a genre in which the development of a romance leads to comic situations.

Courtroom drama

AFI defines "courtroom drama" as a genre of film in which a system of justice plays a critical role in the film's narrative.


AFI defines "epic" as a genre of large-scale films set in a cinematic interpretation of the past.


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