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AC 47 anti tank gun

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Type  Anti-tank
In service  1930s - 40s
Wars  World War II
Place of origin  France
Used by  France
Variants  Naval
AC 47 anti-tank gun

The AC 47 was a French anti-tank gun of 47mm caliber. It was principally used in the ouvrages and casemates of the Maginot Line in the late 1930s; another version was created for naval use.

The AC 47 was principally used as a defensive weapon, since its portability was intentionally limited to prevent the weapon from being turned on defending troops if a fortification was captured.


  • Length of tube : 2.52 m (8.26 ft)
  • Rifling: 16, right-handed
  • Penetration at 1000m : 45 – 60 mm (1.77 - 2.36 in)
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