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AB Aurigae

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Magnitude  7.06
Apparent magnitude (V)  7.06
Constellation  Auriga
AB Aurigae Planet in Progress Evidence Of A Huge Planet Forming In Star System
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AB Aurigae is a star in the Auriga constellation. It is better known for hosting a dust disk that may harbour a condensing planet or brown dwarf. The star could host a possible substellar companion in wide orbit.

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Planetary System

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Oppenheimer et al. (2008) observed an annulus feature in AB Aurigae's dust disk between 43 and 302 AU from the star, a region never seen before. An azimuthal gap in an annulus of dust at a radius of 102 AU would suggest the formation of at least one small body at an orbital distance of nearly 100 AU. Such object could turn out either a massive planetary companion or more likely a brown dwarf companion, in both cases located at nearly 100 AU from the bright star. So far the object is unconfirmed.

AB Aurigae AB Aurigae
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AB Aurigae Wikipedia