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A601(M) motorway

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Existed:  1960 – present
From:  A6 road
Constructed  1960
History:  Constructed 1960–1987
Length  2.1 km
A601(M) motorway
To:  B6254 between Over Kellet and Carnforth

The A601(M) is a motorway in Lancashire, England. It is 1.3 miles (2.1 km) long, and meets the M6 at Junction 35. It is a unique motorway within the United Kingdom as it has a dual carriageway section leading north from Junction 35 of the M6, with a single carriageway section (the only single carriageway section with motorway status in the United Kingdom) leading south, where it terminates at a T junction on a B road. The A601(M) is not the A601 under motorway restrictions, as is the usual explanation for such a classification in the UK. The A601 itself is the Derby inner ring road, over 100 miles (160 km) away.


Map of A601(M), Carnforth LA6 1BP, UK


The section between the M6 and Junction 35A was originally opened in 1960, as part of the Lancaster Bypass. This was a 2 lane motorway. In 1970, the M6 was extended north, and a short spur was left to the A6. The terminal roundabout was given the junction number 35A. Plans existed to extend this as part of an Arnside link road, which would have connected the Furness Peninsula with the M6, but they were scrapped for environmental reasons, but parts of this road exist today, along the A590.

In 1987, a link was constructed with the B6254, to remove traffic for Over Kellet Quarries and Kirkby Lonsdale passing through Carnforth. The road was then renumbered as the A601(M). No junction number was given to this terminus.


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