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A58 motorway (Netherlands)

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Provinces  North Brabant, Zeeland
A58 motorway (Netherlands)
East end:  E 312 / E 25 / A2 in Eindhoven
West end:  E 312 / N58 / N288 in Vlissingen

The A58 motorway is a motorway in the Netherlands. It is approximately 145 kilometers in length. The A58 is located in the Dutch provinces of North Brabant and Zeeland.


Map of A58, Netherlands

The A58 connects North Brabant's three major cities Eindhoven, Tilburg and Breda with the cities Goes, Middelburg and Vlissingen in Zeeland.


With the reconstruction works of the Randweg Eindhoven, the beltway of the city, nearing completion, the A58 motorway has been shortened by a few kilometers. The road now only starts at the interchange Batadorp. The section between its former eastern terminus (interchange Ekkersrijt/John F. Kennedylaan) and the interchange Ekkersweijer has now become part of the A50, while the section between interchanges Ekkersweijer and Batadorp is now only a part of the A2, and is no longer shared with the A58.

Traffic jams

The motorway 58 is congested everyday, especially between Oirschot - Tilburg and between Roosendaal - Bergen Op Zoom.

In 2011, experiments with "snelheidsdekens" (lower speed limits) of 90 km/h (55 mph) or even just 70 km/h (45 mph) were set to reduce the amount of traffic jams. It had a counterproductive effect: more traffic jams occurred in January-March 2011.

In 2011, the BZW (Brabant-Zealandic Employers association) got involved with the widening of the roads, while companies located near the motorway complain about the national government's "neglecting and pointing too much to the Randstad". The target is to widen the motorway in Brabant everywhere to at least 2x3 lanes, around Tilburg to 4x2 (with local- express-)lanes and relocate the section through Roosendaal.

Speed limit

The speed limit on the eastern half is 120 km/h (75 mph), whereas the shared section with the A16, and in Zeeland, the speed limit is 130 km/h (80 mph).

Western terminus near Vlissingen

The A58 motorway section ends just east of the city of Vlissingen. From the intersection where the motorway ends, drivers can go straight ahead towards the N288 road, which brings them to the centre of the city or to a number of towns further to the west on the island. They can also turn left, which brings them to Vlissingen's harbor, from where boats depart towards England and to the town of Breskens, located in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. The latter road has been called 'N58', to create one on-going route number (58) between Brabant and the Vlissingen harbor.

European routes

Between interchange Batadorp, the future start of the A58, and the western end of the motorway near Vlissingen, the European route E312 follows the road. The shared section of the A58 and the A16 is also part of the European route E19.


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