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A5 highway (Lithuania)

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From:  Kaunas
Length  97.86 km
A5 highway (Lithuania)

Existed:  19th century - (new parts 1997-2002) – present
To:  Suwałki Poland National road 8
Highway system  International E-road network
Major cities  Marijampolė, Kalvarija, Lithuania

The A5 highway is a highway in Lithuania (magistralinis kelias). It runs from Kaunas to the Poland border, toward Suwałki. The length of the road is 97.86 km (60.81 mi). A section of the A5 highway - western bypass of Kaunas, including the Lampėdžiai Bridge across the Nemunas River, has been reconstructed to a modern dual carriageway without grade-crossings or U-turns.


Map of A5, Lithuania

There are plans to reconstruct the whole road as a modern motorway, the main road linking Lithuania to Western Europe.

Most of the A5 highway is coded Via Baltica in the European route system. The E67 highway ultimately connects Prague with Tallinn.

Principal cities along the route

  • Kaunas
  • Marijampolė
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