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A3 motorway (Portugal)

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North end:  Valença
Length  112 km
South end:  Porto
A3 motorway (Portugal)

A3 is a motorway in northern Portugal, connecting Valença and Porto via Braga. The A3 is operated by Brisa - Auto-estradas de Portugal. It has a total length of 112 km and coincides with the European itinerary number 1.

Map of A3, Braga, Portugal

This motorway leaves the urban IC23 circular motorway around Porto and Gaia. This motorway passes through Maia, Braga and to the border town Valença. It is an important route for travellers who desire to enter Spain and the Spanish state called Galicia. The motorway is a toll road, and most of the route north is climbing steadily until reaching Spain. The motorway is linked by a bridge on the frontier and another motorway to link with Vigo and Pontevedra which is in Galicia. It is under the care of Brisa S.A

Sections of the road carry very little traffic.


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