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A Woman Is a Risky Bet: Six Orchestra Conductors

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Directed by  Christina Olofson
Initial release  13 March 1987 (Sweden)
Screenplay  Christina Olofson
Distributed by  Folkets Bio (Sweden)
Director  Christina Olofson
Cinematography  Lisa Hagstrand
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Produced by  Christina Olofson / Hagafilm
Starring  Victoria Bond Veronika Dudarova JoAnn Falletta Camilla Kolchinsky Ortrud Mann (sv) Kerstin Nerbe (sv)
Music by  Mozart, Stravinsky, Carl Maria von Weber
Edited by  Johanna Hald / Christina Olofson
Cast  JoAnn Falletta, Veronika Dudarova, Ortrud Mann, Camilla Kolchinsky, Kerstin Nerre, Victoria Bond
Music director  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Carl Maria von Weber
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A Woman Is a Risky Bet: Six Orchestra Conductors (Swedish: Dirigenterna) is a 1987 Swedish documentary film about women orchestra conductors directed by Christina Olofson.


In A Woman Is a Risky Bet we meet six women who have broken their way into a man's world – the world of conducting.

JoAnn Falletta and Victoria Bond from U.S., Kerstin Nerbe and Ortrud Mann from Sweden, Veronika Dudarova and Camilla Kolchinsky from the USSR share a passion for music and the courage to break with existing values and face challenge. Christina Olofson takes us to New York City, Moscow, Stockholm and Oslo to meet them. The film covers preparations, rehearsals and parts of concerts. At home, alone with the conductor's score, they give us their account of the work of the conductor, of their convictions and their love for music.

The skepticism towards women conductors and musicians by some becomes obvious in a visit to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra as well as in interviews with international impresarios. conductors Sixten Ehrling and Jorge Mester make comments on what they believe is the prevailing conservative attitudes among colleagues.

The rehearsal and concert scenes in the film reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the featured conductors; Falletta leading the Queens Philharmonic in Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring, Dudarova with the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra and Choir rehearsing Mozart's Requiem, Nerbe conducting Mozart's Linz Symphony and Kolchinsky directing von Weber's overture to the opera Euryanthe.

"Only poor soldiers don't want to be generals." – Veronika Dudarova


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