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A Woman's War

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Hangul  여성전선
Revised Romanization  Yeoseongjeonseon
Directed by  Kim Ki-young
Initial release  1 March 1957
Screenplay  Hong Seong-Gi
Story by  Bi-seok Jeong
Hanja  女性戰線
McCune–Reischauer  Yŏsŏngchŏnsŏn
Produced by  Kim Jong-won
Director  Kim Ki-young
Music director  Han Sang-Gi
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Cast  Park Am, Jo Mi‑ryeong, Dong‑won Kim, Lee Min
Similar  Box of Death, Touch‑Me‑Not, Love of Blood Relations, Twilight Train, Elegy of Ren

A Woman's War (여성전선 - Yeoseon jeonseon) a.k.a. Women at the Front is a 1957 South Korean film directed by Kim Ki-young.



A melodrama about a housemaid who bears her employer's illegitimate daughter. The daughter visits her father on his deathbed, unable to tell him she is his daughter.


  • Jo Mi-ryeong
  • Park Am
  • Lee Min
  • Kim Dong-won
  • Lee Hae-rang
  • Joo Sun-tae
  • Jeong Min
  • Park Sang-ik
  • Ko Seol-bong
  • Choe Ryong
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