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A Perfect Match (film)

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Director  Miel Van Hoogenbemt
Music director  Spinvis
Country  Belgium
6.6/10 IMDb

Genre  Comedy, Drama, Romance
Language  Dutch
A Perfect Match (film) movie poster
Release date  August 8, 2007 (2007-08-08) (Belgium)
Writer  Pierre De Clercq, Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem
Screenplay  Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem, Pierre De Clercq
Cast  Jan Decleir (Leopold), Wim Opbrouck (Julien), Maria Popistasu (Alina)
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A Perfect Match (original Dutch title: Man zkt Vrouw) is a 2007 Belgian film directed by Miel van Hoogenbemt. This comedy film starring Jan Decleir, Maria Popistasu and Wim Opbrouck was written by Pierre De Clercq and Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem.

A Perfect Match (film) movie scenes


A Perfect Match (film) movie scenes

Perfect Match is a romantic comedy movie that consists of light but heart touching moments. Leopold, retired school teacher, tries to find a life partner through an online web portal named "" Which gave way to the film's title. Julien, Leopold's very faithful friend helps him in this funny process.

Leopold fills out the form & finds some matches. After meeting one after another, he realizes that none is appropriate for him. And during the course of time his maidservant leaves his house because of some family reasons but she manages to find another maidservant named "Alena" to replace her.

Leopold goes to pick her up at the railway station and also meets with one match at a coffee shop whom he had known from the online portal. After meeting they come home & Leopold finds that Alena is a disastrous maidservant. Meanwhile Leopold & Julien continue their work of finding right match. After some days Alena finds the whole preparation-for-wedding movement. And she also joins this adventurous process.

After several attempts, they fail to find the perfect match. And as unexpected turn in the story, Leopold falls in love with Alena who is 40 years younger than he is. But resist to tell her truth. So Leopold makes some funny attempts to woo her. In one of these attempts he manages to agree Alena to come with him on the European countryside tour. Leopold convinces her saying that he goes on trip every summer to draw some mountain pictures. Alena agrees & the much romantic-funny event begins.

As they arrive at their destination Alena finds it very exciting & livable. She doesn't let go any opportunity to enjoy the moment. At the same time, Leopold engages himself in drawing & observing Alena's moods. Suddenly at one place Alena finds the truth & becomes angry with Leopold. Though she disappears from his sight, appears in full attracted dress at the Leopold's hotel room realising that he's one of her perfect matches.

As Alena's boyfriend had rejected her after long-time-relationship making her pregnant, she accepts Leopold saying " points..." The couple returns home with bountiful of lovely memories & plans their future life. At the same time Alena's boyfriend appears in the picture wooing her. Though she was not so happy to start a fresh life with him, Leopold explains to her how much her boyfriend is regretful because of his unforgivable mistake. Finally Alena gives Leopold a leaving kiss & makes her mind up for a new start.

At the final credits, Leopold helps to start her boyfriend's car & looks at the Alena's face until it disappears.


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