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A Mother's Prayer for Her Boy Out There

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Released  1918
Lyricist(s)  Andrew B. Sterling
Composer(s)  Arthur Lange
Producer(s)  Joe Morris Music Co.
A Mother's Prayer for Her Boy Out There

A Mother's Prayer for Her Boy Out There is a World War I era song released in 1918. Andrew B. Sterling wrote the lyrics. Arthur Lange composed the music. It was written for voice and piano. The song was published by Joe Morris Music Co. of New York, New York. On the cover is a woman kneeling down to pray. A picture of a soldier hangs on the wall behind her.

The lyrics tell the story of a mother who is struggling with the fact that her son is fighting in war. The only way she can find solace is through prayer. It is told in from the third-person point of view. The chorus is as follows:

Just a little prayer When shadows are stealing Just a little prayer, A voice appealing; To a baby shoe she's clinging While the Angelus is ringing, Come the words that start From an aching heart: "May angels guard him tenderly Tonight and send my baby back to me." That's a mother's prayer For her boy "out there."

The sheet music can be found at the Library of Congress and Pritzker Military Museum & Library.


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