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A Little Bit of Irish (soundtrack)

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Released  1993 (1993)
Producer  George O'Reilly
Release date  1993
Label  Red Cab Records
Recorded  September 1966
Artist  Bing Crosby
Genre  World
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A Little Bit of Irish (soundtrack) (1966)  Thoroughly Modern Bing (1968)
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A Little Bit of Irish (soundtrack) has some of the songs from the TV special of the same name starring Bing Crosby which was shown on network television in the USA and the UK on St. Patrick's Day in 1967. The CD was originally issued in short form by Atlantic Records and an expanded version was issued by Golden Olden Records in 1993. Songs by the Irish-born composer Victor Herbert were added to the expanded CD, as was a segment featuring Irish tenor John McCormack together with other Irish-themed songs by Crosby from his various radio series.



During personal discussions over several years which culminated in early 1966, Bing Crosby agreed to work with Irish entrepreneur George O'Reilly in the making of a television show in Ireland featuring Irish artists, music, and songs. The recording of this hour-long show was scheduled for a week in September 1966 and four locations were chosen for the outside filming. The show opened with Crosby standing on a small platform at O'Connell Bridge overlooking O'Connell Street in Dublin, then moving to the grounds and interior of Howth Castle at Deerpark in County Dublin. The second main segment was filmed on the stage of the world-famous Abbey Theatre in Dublin with The Little Dublin Singers, and the final segment was filmed amongst the keeves and vats at the Guinness Brewery in James's Street, Dublin with the Guinness Choir.

The orchestra was the Radio √Čireann Light Orchestra conducted by co-director Buddy Bregman, and they recorded the music in the O'Connell Hall, Dublin. Bing added his voice at the Eamonn Andrews Studios in Henry Street and also contributed some items live on location during the actual filming. He also scripted the programme himself and featured his wife Kathryn in the Howth Castle and Abbey Theatre segments.

Critical reception

Variety reviewed the TV special, saying: "Hosted by Bing Crosby at his most nonchalant, this pleasing songalog was presented as an affectionate tribute to Ireland, using local talent to give samples from its musical backlog ... Crosby himself strolled effortlessly though such numbers as "Dublin Bay" [sic], "Molly Malone", "Come Back to Erin", and other folk standards, and wife Kathryn occasionally acted as hostess with suitable charm ... Crosby wandered through the Guinness factory and other venues, like a kindly guide and dodged most of the pitfalls of sentimentality inherent in the subject. With the U. S. bulging with Irishmen, and with the Kennedy connection still to the fore, the show should foster nostalgia and mild pleasure in that particular mart."

Track listing

Songs from the TV show, all performed by Bing Crosby except where marked.

The Victor Herbert Compositions, all commercial recordings for Decca Records except track 16. All performed by Bing Crosby except where marked.

Songs from various radio shows, all performed by Bing Crosby.

The Bing Crosby / John McCormack Segment - Kraft Music Hall, May 13, 1937


1Molly Malone (Cockles & Mussels)2:09
2Come Back To Erin2:17
3Galway Bay2:37


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