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A Joy Ride

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Genre  Animation, Short, Comedy
Language  English
Director  Grim Natwick
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Release date  June 18, 1922
Writer  Thomas A. Tad Dorgan (comic strip Silk Hat Harrys Divorce Suit)

A Joy Ride is a 1922 animated short subject made by Bray Productions. It is among the many films starring Judge Rummy, the character from Tad Dorgans comic strips.

A Joy Ride movie scenes In Britain the original was called Road Kill and starred a hot cast which included Paul Walker The Fast The Furious franchise Then came the sequel Joy

A Joy Ride is a 1922 animated short subject made by Bray Productions. It is among the many films starring Judge Rummy, the character from Tad Dorgan's comic strips.


A Joy Ride movie scenes joy ride 3 3

Out in the city, canine friends Judge Rummy and Silk Hat Harry gather to try something one of them made. Judge Rummy reveals a beaker containing a "cough medicine" he created, and his buddy is eager to taste it despite its purpose. But as Silk Hat Harry is about to take a sip, a nearby fire hydrant suddenly transforms into a giant stick-wielding monster. The monster steals the liquid and shoos the dogs away.

A Joy Ride movie scenes A new clip has been released for the horror sequel Joyride 3 Roadkill and it is probably a good time to share the films trailer too

After having their "cough medicine" snatched, Judge Rummy and Silk Hat Harry head to a harbor for some boat rides. The two dogs select a boat trip in a lake where hearts and flowers make the scenery. On the way, they find a faucet attached to a tree. The faucet dispenses wine, of which both of them drink a glass. Moments later, they spot an attractive woman swimming in the water. Because of this, the dogs jump out of their boat, and try to swim after her. It then appears the way theyve been swimming toward the woman is actually a trance manifested by the wine they drank as they are back in the dry parts of the harbor. But because they are still in the trance, they are lying on their fronts and moving their arms and legs as if they are swimming. They then "swim" out of the harbor, which the harbor operators find comical.

Back in the city, the stick-wielding monster still has the liquid he took from Judge Rummy. He reads the liquids description on a paper, which he also stole, before drinking the liquid. The monster suddenly develops hallucinations in seeing animals coming at him. When Judge Rummy and Silk Hat Harry "swim" around, the monster is further frightened and therefore jumps into a fountain. The two dogs approach the fountain and embrace the statue in the midst, believing it is the attractive woman theyve been pursuing. Momentarily, the monster rises from the waters of the fountain, criticizes their "cough medicine", and strikes the dogs in their heads with his stick. At this, Judge Rummy and Silk Hat Harry finally wake up from their trance, and flee.


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