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A Fool and His Money (1920 film)

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Directed by  Robert Ellis
Written by  Ella Stuart Carson
Director  Robert Ellis
Genre  Silent film
Produced by  Lewis J. Selznick
Distributed by  Select Pictures
Producer  Lewis J. Selznick
A Fool and His Money (1920 film)
Based on  novel, A Fool and His Money, by George Barr McCutcheon c.1913
Release date  March 29, 1920 (1920-03-29)
Cinematography  John W. Brown, Walter Arthur
Similar  Red Lights Ahead, Dangerous Appointment, The Lady in Scarlet, Charlie Chan's Secret, Sun Valley Serenade

A fool and his money trailer 1989 movie

A Fool and His Money is a lost 1920 American silent feature film directed by actor Robert Ellis and starring Eugene O'Brien. It was produced at Lewis J. Selznick studios and distributed by the Select Film Company.


The film was remade in 1925 with William Haines in O'Brien's role.

Eddie griffin about his new movie a fool and his money


  • Eugene O'Brien as John B. Smart
  • Rubye De Remer as Aline
  • Emile La Croix as Mr. Schmick
  • Anne Brody as Mrs. Schmick
  • Finnstron Erics as Schmick's son
  • George Dowling as Schmicks's Elder Son
  • Frank Goldsmith as Dr. Hazzard
  • Wray Page as Mrs. Hazzard
  • Ned Hay as Billy Smith
  • Louise Prussing as Mrs. Smith
  • Arthur Housman as Count Tarnowsky
  • Charles Craig as Secretary Poopendyke
  • Jules Cowles as Benton
  • Elizabeth Garrison as Mrs. Titus
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