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A City is Not a Tree

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Subject  Architecture
Publication date  2015
ISBN  978-0-98-934697-9
Author  Christopher Alexander
Publisher  Sustasis Foundation
Pages  241
Originally published  2015
A City is Not a Tree wwwspatialcomplexityinfofiles201603Treealex
Series  Center for Environmental Structure
Preceded by  The Battle for the Life and Beauty of the Earth: A Struggle Between Two World-Systems

A City is Not a Tree is a widely cited 1965 essay (later published as a book) by the architect and design theorist Christopher Alexander, first published in the journal Architectural Forum, and re-published many times since. In 2015 the essay was published as a book including new exegesis commentaries on the original essay from other architects, engineers and physicists. A City is Not a Tree has been widely described as a landmark text, and the Resource for Urban Design Information calls it "one of the classic references in the literature of the built environment and related fields".


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