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A Century of Boxing Greats

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Originally published  January 1998
Author  Patrick Myler
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A Century of Boxing Greats:Inside the Ring with the Hundred Best Boxers is a book about boxing, written by Patrick Myler and published in England in 1997 by Robson Books. Printed in Great Britain by St. Edmundsdurry Press, in Suffolk, and released in 1998 in the United States by Robson/Parkwest Publications in New York City, the book has the Library of Congress catalog card number 97-74450. Hardcover: ISBN 1-86105-134-4. Softcover: ISBN 1-86105-258-8.

Historical mistakes in the book

The book is mostly historically correct about the facts they point out, but there are a few mistakes in the book. These are some of them:

  • When the author speaks of a dream where everything in boxing would be ideal, he states Marcel Cerdan wouldn't bear any of the scars of that horrific plane crash- Cerdan died in the plane crash.
  • The Julio César Chávez section says Chávez beat Edwin Rosario by knockout in ten rounds. Chávez actually took eleven rounds to win.
  • The Roberto Durán section says Duran beat Iran Barkley with a brilliant knockout. Duran won that fight by decision.
  • The Wilfredo Gómez section says Gómez beat Lupe Pintor by knockout in twelve rounds. Gómez actually took fourteen rounds to win.
  • The Salvador Sánchez section says that he dropped Gómez three times during their fight. He actually dropped Gómez twice. It also says that Sanchez died five months after his fight with Azumah Nelson, when in reality, Sanchez only died a month and a half after it.
  • The caption below Alexis Argüello's photo identifies him as a Versatile Argentine. Arguello was actually from Nicaragua.
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