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A Balcony in Paris

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Year  ca. 1880–81
Artist  Gustave Caillebotte
Created  1881
Medium  Oil on canvas
Location  Private collection
Period  Impressionism
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Dimensions  55.2 cm × 39 cm (21.7 in × 15 in)
Gustave Caillebotte artwork  Young Man at His Window, The Yerres - Rain, Boater Pulling on His Peris, Fruit Displayed on a Stand

A Balcony in Paris (French: Un balcon à Paris) is an oil on canvas painting by the French Impressionist painter Gustave Caillebotte. It was completed ca. 1880–81. The dimensions of the painting are 55.2 by 39 centimeters. It is housed in a private collection.


This painting is one of several by Caillebotte in which an urban street, viewed from a balcony, is seen through the spaces of an ornate iron grill in the foreground, differentiating the space of the street from the interior of his bourgeois home, 31 boulevard Haussmann in Paris. The motif may have been inspired by similar juxtapositions seen in many Japanese ukiyo-e prints.


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