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9th Mechanized Brigade (Romania)

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Country  Romania
Type  Mechanized Infantry
Branch  Romanian Land Forces
9th Mechanized Brigade (Romania)
Active  22 February 1879-present
Size  6 battalions + other supporting companies
Part of  2nd Infantry Division "Getica"

The 9th Mechanized Brigade "Mărășești" (Brigada 9 Mecanizată "Mărăşeşti") is a mechanized infantry brigade of the Romanian Land Forces.



The unit was initially formed in 1879, after the Romanian War of Independence, as Divizia Activă de Dobrogea (Dobruja Active Division). In 1903 it was renamed to 9th Infantry Division, designation under which it participated in both world wars. In World War I it fought during the Battle of Mărăşeşti where it defended the most difficult sector, being under constant attacks for two weeks. For its heroic actions in this battle, the 9th Infantry Division received the honorific name "Mărăşeşti". In the Second World War, the division fought on both the Eastern Front, where it took part in the Battle of Stalingrad, and on the Western Front, participating in the liberation of Hungary and Czechoslovakia.

After World War II, the division went through some changes becoming the IXth Army Corps and eventually the 9th Mechanized Division before being deactivated. Vasile Milea commanded the division in 1957-58.

In 2004 the 34th Mechanized "Vasile Lupu" brigade was dissolved, with the remaining units passing to the Light Infantry Brigade (Brigada de Infanterie Ușoară) headquartered at Clinceni. The land formerly occupied by the headquarters of the 34th Mechanized was given to the US army for a new base near the Mihail Kogălniceanu airport. In accordance with the transformation strategy of the Romanian Army, the 34th was reactivated on 1 October 2009 as 9th Mechanized Brigade "Mărăşeşti", taking over control of all units in Dobruja from the former 34th Mechanized Brigade; two new subunits were also created at this time: the 911 Infantry and 912 Tank Battalion, the latter equipped with T-55 tanks and Flakpanzer Gepard.


  • 9th Mechanized Brigade - Constanța
  • 912th Tank Battalion - Murfatlar
  • 341st Infantry Battalion - Topraisar
  • 911th Infantry Battalion - Medgidia
  • 345th Artillery Battalion - Medgidia
  • 348th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion - Basarabi
  • 168th Logistic Battalion - Constanța
  • 341st Infantry Battalion "White Sharks"

    The 341st Infantry Battalion, "White Sharks", is the most experienced unit of the new brigade, with numerous international deployments, including Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq. After the 34th Mechanized Brigade "Vasile Lupu" was reorganized in 2004 as the Light Infantry Brigade, the White Sharks were the component battalion that maintained the highest readiness, and the only large military unit based in Dobruja.


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